Turning buyers into owners.

A fair and simple solution to empower ownership and enhance the value and life-cycle of your assets.

Available on all smart devices.

Transforming your expenses into registered assets.

The assets are tokanized and registered in the blockchain. The registry keeps trail of provenance of the asset.

The gateway to access services and solutions.

Connecting services and solutions  designed by brands, communities and developers in order to improve the asset lifecycle and its value.

Unlocking the full potential of your inventory.

Providing tools and management solutions in order to securely control and transfer your assets.

The only solution that brings true balance on your balance sheet.

Power to owners. From consumer to keeper.

The concept of "Inventory" is addressed for businesses, yet not for consumers, when we know that the base of personal wealth comes from ownership, either physical assets or digital assets we own.

Everything in one place.

Asset "profiles" are constantly being created digitally, yet not transferred. In time the value of an asset is linked to its informations (who knows what). We unlock the value of your assets by connecting what others know about the asset.

A different type of a wallet that rethinks ownership.

Holding into your inventory has a positive impact on the planet. Start unlocking the hidden value of your assets.

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